Coconut oil is a staple in my kitchen and in my bathroom! The health benefits of coconut oil are endless and it smells and tastes divine so you would think that it would be all too good to be true, but trust me, it’s not! I have listed some of my personal favourite uses and benefits below.


Cooking – Coconut oil is a very stable oil. It doesn’t easily oxidise, spoil, or go rancid. It has a high smoke point and does not produce harmful chemicals when heated. This is because coconut oil is a highly saturated fat. When cooking or baking with coconut oil you get all of the amazing health benefits it provides and it also makes everything you cook it in taste delicious. I use coconut oil in everything I can!

Boosts Your Metabolism – Because coconut oil mainly consists of medium-chain fatty acids, the triglycerides can speed up metabolism, because they are converted straight into energy unlike other oils. I like to put a teaspoon in my green tea twice daily or spread it on my toast instead of using butter.

Oil Pulling – Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic tradition that involves swishing cold-pressed oil around in your mouth first thing in the morning for about 10-20 minutes. Our mouths are the home to billions of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other parasites and their toxins. By swishing the oil around in your mouth, the oil literally pulls out bacteria and toxins in your mouth. The benefits of oil pulling are healthier gums, whiter teeth, increased energy levels, better sleep and a clearer mind. I used to get mouth ulcers all the time and since I have been oil pulling (for over a year now) I have never had an ulcer since. Everyone always comments on how white my teeth are also. Each morning I wake up (before any water or food) I head straight to the cupboard and take a tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil. Once I have finished swilling for 10-20 minutes, I spit it out in the bin as the oil can solidify and clog your drain. I lie down and practice belly breathing whilst I do this.

Body Moisturiser – Your skin is the largest organ in your body so you have to take pride and care with what you place all over it to absorb. Coconut oil is a beautiful and natural all over body moisturiser and leaves you smelling so delicious. Coconut oil is also said to help with anti-aging, wrinkles, stretch marks, and skin problems such as acne and eczema. It is also safe to use on sensitive babies skin and perfect for nappy rashes. I moisturise with coconut oil religiously every morning.

Hair Mask – Coconut oil is the most amazing natural hair mask that you could use and so cheap compared to all of the salon brands packed with chemicals. It helps your hair grow, stops breakage and gives a beautiful shine. Each week, I massage coconut oil into my scalp and all through my ends, tie up my hair and leave it in overnight whilst I sleep and wash out the next morning. (Lay a towel over your pillow, so the oil doesn’t get all over your pillow). My hair has never looked so healthy before.

Improves Digestion – Coconut oil has been found to help with digestive problems including poor digestion, bloating and IBS. Coconut oil is one of the only foods to contain a fatty acid called “lauric acid”. Lauric acid has been considered a miracle ingredient. Your body converts Lauric acid into anti-microbial properties that help to combat bacteria, candida and parasites found in the digestive tract. It can also help heal the lining of the gut.

Makeup Remover – I use coconut oil as my all over makeup remover. The makeup comes of so quickly and gentle and I feel so much better about myself not scrubbing my face and eyes with harsh chemicals. I feel like it softens and strengthens my lashes too and in turn doesn’t dry them out and cause them to fall out as much.


Not all coconut oil is the same. Make sure you buy virgin or extra virgin coconut oil as the refined coconut oil has been chemically refined and has lost most of its amazing benefits in the process. You can find virgin coconut oil in all health food shops or most local supermarkets.

B x